Thursday, October 25, 2007

Romance in Spring

Romance in Spring

It was a day in Spring. The almanac has lied and the snows of winter, lay as if they never want to leave the Cross town. This is where Sarah lived. A young New York girl, knew not more than short hand. If she had been graduated in Stenography, she would have acquired a desk job. She was a free-lance typist. One evening she dined in the Schulenburg's Home Restaurant next door, found that the bill of fare was written in script unreadable. Next day she offered Schulenburg, a menu perfectly typewritten. This fetched her a job in the restaurant. She had to furnish type-written bills of fare, new ones for breakfast, lunch, dinner. In return Schulenburg sent her three meals per day by a waiter to her room.

One afternoon, Sarah alone in her bedroom. She had nothing to do except for Schulenburg's menu cards. She sat in her rocker looking out of the window, the city was preparing for the arrival of spring. Spring's harbingers are too subtle to eyes, though she knew the spring was coming. This distressed her more. She wept rocking her in chair.

On previous spring, she went to country-side for two weeks, and fell in love with a farmer, Walter franklin. She had euphoric moments of her life with him. He would weave a crown of dandelions for her. He wooed and won her. They were to get married at the very first signs of spring. Here it is, the spring has come but not Walter.

Then pulling herself together, she started typing menu. Just before the desserts, the list of vegetables- carrots, cabbage and..... She broke down, tears of despair. She hadn't received a letter from Walter since two weeks. The item that caused the trauma was DANDELIONS with some kind of egg. She forced back her tears, The work has to be done. She finished it and sent it to Schulenburg.

The next day afternoon, just as usual Sarah was alone. Then she heard someone out her door. She knew the voice. It was Walter. She ran to door, opened it. Walter embraced her and held her like he would never let her go. "Why haven't you written...why?" Sarah with burst of joy. "I came to your old address, then I knew you moved. Since then I've been hunting you in this big city" said Walter.
"I wrote" said Sarah vehemently. "Never got it"was the reply."How did you find me?"" I dropped into the restaurant, next door. What I saw below cabbage, made me call the proprietor. He told me where you lived".Walter showed her the menu card. She was back in tears seeing it.What was below the cabbage?DEAREST WALTER WITH HARD BOILED EGG.

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