Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just another day... in my life 2

Today was kinda hectic. Waking up late, my friend texts me that we are suppose to submit an assignment today first hour. Taking a bath and getting ready I rush up to my friend’s room. I was totally lost on whose room I left my shoes after Pongal celebrations in our college. BTW, my class bagged all the events. Now with the missing shoes I decided to write the assignment. Then another friend told that its in his room. [I’M LIVING IN A SHITHOLE OF A ROOM IN MY COLLEGE HOSTEL] One problem solved. We finish the assignment in a hurry and we reached college just in time.
That damn faculty of us didn’t even bother to ask about the assignment. Then he went on with his usually ridiculously dumb method of taking class. Then outta no where, he dropped this question. Why does English language has two types of script? Capital and small letters. We really dint know how to answer that. I was still thinking how this has any relevance to Operations management.

Then one of my class-mate, decided to answer that. He was sleeping till then and he dint have clue on what was going on. He said, “Sir capital letter is used for the first letter of a word” My God that’s the discovery of the century. That just made my day. Here below are some pictures taken on Pongal celebrations in my college. I have to submit an article for our newsletter by tomorrow I haven’t started it yet...