Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My TV Options…

Moved to a new place? Having trouble finding a TV service provider?

Shed all your worries, here is an awesome site for you…

My Tv Options is the place for you.

They provide you sports, news, movies, international and also local channels.

Forget the cable TV guys, get a satellite TV. Get DirecTV

You can get High Definition Channels [HD] and DVR service along with the package.

The channels include HBO, Cinemax, Show time, NBC, Starz, ABC and lots more.

Get your subscription today… Get a DirecTV…

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Construction Gears!!!

With the rainy seasons, waiting around the corner, I bring you this great news. I know how it is to be stuck in rain. Either you are caught at home and can’t go to work or the other way around.

So don’t let the rain, grind you to a halt. The construction gear provides you, a selection of rain coats, rain pants and rain suits to keep you dry and comfortable in even the wettest conditions. They also provide water proof and rubber boots, ponchos, parkas and overalls for men.

If you wanna go by the brands, they have a wide range of choices. Carhartt, CLC, Dickies, Neese, Occunomix, Rivercity ,Rothco and lot more rain suits.
Not only construction site workers but also people working in chemical plant and electrical industries can use it. The coats are made from PVC and fire resistant clothes are also available.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Movies For Free

All you Movie buffs out there!! Lend me your ears…
Getting tired of downloading movies? Here’s a cool site that provides online streaming of new movies. Watch films online for free. The quality is EX-cellent.
No, No… thre is no catch. Be not afraid, the website’s free as air. You can also download free films.

The popular movies now available on the site are
Angels and Demon
X-Men origin
Ice Age 3: Dawn of Dinosaurs
The Soloist
Public Enemies
17 Again
Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen

Free films online....

Pure Silva !!! Making a Banner is easy

This comes as a great news for bloggers, web designers. This site is a boon to all of those who are ignorant of the sophisticated tools to design a banner.

This banner maker site is absolutely awesome, and you can make your own custom banner within minutes. All you have to do visit the site and you are good to go…

Select a theme or style, then a back ground image, the font style and a fore ground image and the added effects… Voila you have your banner….
Here are few I made… just for fun…

Monday, August 3, 2009

NFL Sunday ticket with Direct TV

The Biggest event of the year is here now… The NFL

The Patriots who had a spectacular season last time around with eleven wins, are ready this time with their star quaterback Tom Brady back in action. Steelers had it last season, will they have the lady luck by their side again? Saints are now trying out new routines and are adding some rough stuff in their training work outs. This year its going to be one hell of a NFL drama.

If you wanna make sure you catch all the action, drama, scores then make sure you get your Satellite TV. Now Direct tv has the best package ever, you can get the NFL Sunday ticket and the premium package just for $59.99 for five months. This is where Directv beats dish.

Man, I just cant wait till NFL starts...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I just LOVE my TV

Me and my friends planned to go to the movies this Saturday. So we all gathered up in my place.But when we were about to start, this freaking rain started pouring like anything. All our plans got spoiled by the fulminant rain.

So we went in my room and turned on the tele. Guess what? Incredible Hulk on HBO. Come on, who would miss a movie like that? With all my friends huddled in my room, we made some popcorn and it was really a blast. If it wasn’t for Direct Tv, we would have been bored to death…

Then we were just chatting for a while. I flipped through channels and came across Four Weddings And A Funeral in Star movies. We couldn’t resist, we sat there watching it till the end. All thanks to DirecTv and DirecTv Specials for saving the day.