Friday, December 26, 2008


The much awaited weekend arrived. I ve been waiting for this since monday. Taking a break from the mundane stuff and go craaazzzy. Okay, not that crazy, just a little bit, one 'a' and one 'z' would do the job. My best friend Joe, urged me to go to this party. Yeah party, go wild... thats what I thought. It was his friend's and I don't know him that much. And there we were, at the party. At first I was kinda happy, coz I dint knew a single soul there. If anything embarrasing happened like... I puked after a couple'a drinks which doesn't happen very often mind you, nobody's gonna nickname me or make fun of me for the next zillion years. When I was savouring this happy moment, SHE came. Joe's crush. He thinks she's an angel and she thinks he's a schmuck. I tried to talk but he just wouldn't listen. Ignoring me, He went for her to say 'Hi'. Trust me that is all the conversation they gonna have. He's been trying for three years now and never got beyond Hi. Hearing chuckles behind me I turned around to find out that I was the one being laughed at.One of them stepped out of the bunch approached me with a wide grin and said,"I'm Matthew and you can call me Matt". Still wondering why is he talking to me.I said "I'm Justin". Without paying any notice, he turned to his friends gave them a wink and said,"Are we here for the free booze,Justin?". The bunch burst out into laughter.Thats it man, who does he think he is? As if he's paying for it. It wouldn't have if that Joe dint abandon me.I went straight home, so much for the weekend so much for going wild...       

Sunday morning,I went down for the coffee. My Dad had the newspaper, man I ve to wait for another hour to get my hands on them. Without taking his eyes off the newspaper," Why don't you take  jimmy for a walk?" "me?" Dad,"Yes. you...". Okay, atleast I'll have something to kill time for another hour. I put on my tees and started. My neighbour's kids playing in the mud,some stupid game. They waved at me saying hi. I just grinned,"Still playing in the mud..Jeez grow up..."I walked on and suddenly jimmy got away from me and started waging his tail and jumping around this @#$%&, sorry she-dog. I kept yelling, jimmy, come back jimmy,jiimmy... I guess the whole neighbourhood but jimmy heard it. Those Kids were now laughing at me, looking down on me though, they were shorter and practically, they had to look up. I walked back home wondering after this series of misfortunate events, 

Whether to call my dog a best friend or my best friend a dog???        

Friday, December 19, 2008



Granny was rocking the chair preoccupied in knitting. Sam turned off the TV after the movie. His Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. With nothing to do, His Dad looked at him and gave a smile. Not just any smile, THE SMILE. Sam knew what was coming. “Dad please don’t, am already bored”. “Come on… you could learn a thing or two from your old man…”

             “Dad, I’m not gonna do any of your stupid puzzles” Sam. “Listen kid, these things are really important. Problems are like women. They eat your brain, give you a big head ache. Smart ones solve it, the rest get married. So be a smart man, and solve this one.” “Henry, stop spoiling him,” Mom. Henry gave an annoying chuckle. There it is, the infamous people repeller. Sam never knew, was it the annoying sound or the bad breath. But it sure did the job. Now with Mom back in kitchen, Henry began…

             “If a 20 liter tank is filled at the rate of 2 liters per minute, it also leaks at the rate of a liter per minute. How long will it take to fill the tank?” Sam nettled by now “If  the freaking tank is leaking, who the hell would try to fill it?”. “I guess the dumb married ones like your dad would ” Granny. They all heard chuckles from kitchen.


            Dedicated to all those poor souls who had prepare for whatever reasons, knowing that its just another BULL……

Friday, December 5, 2008


With you
Everything else is nothing
Without you
Nothing is all I have


The velvet sky adorns

A thousand silver stars

It isn't the same without the moon.

I standing on the shore

Staring at the sunset

It isn't the same without you

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Rain falls
Leaving everything wet
Bringing back memories
Of days Never gone
We sat together
On an open chair
I still remember
the cool breeze and soft drizzle
A promise sealed with a kiss
A promise never to part
A promise never kept
Here I am again
By myself on the open chair
Rain falls
Leaving my eyes wet...