Sunday, April 26, 2009

All That Remains...

Its time I wake from slumber
I have been in Darkness
For so long

Its time I stop seeking
What I never had
What I'll never Have

Its time I start picking up the pieces
And take what
Life throws at me

Its time I move on
She took the joy and laughter
Whats left of me is
Just skin and bones

And thats a whole lotta skin
I mean it guys, I seriously need to drop some weight
I thought of having a six pack, guess I'll end up with a family pack instead... :)


Karthik said...

Nice one ..... :)

Chriz said...

family pack?

you mean the two kilogram rice they give after the operation?

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Hey anand, my friend.. Thats a good one

Vinnie said...


moi said...

Hahahaha, you caught me unguarded, I was expecting a sad ending and here you talking about weight loss...hehehe.. but really the initial part of the poem is damn good!!

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Too good...very inspirational..I really really enjoyed reading it :-)

I am Alive said...

:) Funny !

Pavitra .... said...

Sweet and funny...
nice blog..! Glad to have found you... :)