Friday, March 20, 2009


The girl who haunts 

My days and dreams

I see her every day

A smile from the corner of her lips

Could take my breath away

I never told her the way I felt

In her presence my heart just melts

Guess I was a little too late

She was in love 

With someone else

I wasn’t jealous, I wasn’t sad

There’s nothing more that I wanted

Than to see her smile

He dint realize what he had

Was stupid enough to make her cry

I wanted to be the one to hold her face

Be the one to catch her tears

No matter how hard I try

I’ll never be able to tell her

Coz I’m just another wardrobe mirror…

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Romance and Cigerettes

      The Car came to a rolling stop. Sameer got down and walked to the front. With his back against the bonnet, he stared at the waves. Waves of the mighty blue ocean, clasping each other, trying to get shore. It’s been so long since the last time Sameer came here. Years back, he used to come here with Archana every week. He loved coming here with her. Holding hands and walking along the shore, wetting their feet. Talking for hours, mostly inane stuff. He just loved to be with her, lost in these waves.

      He pulled out a cigarette and placed it between his lips. His right hand now rummaged his pocket for the lighter. It had the alphabet A on it. Archana bought him that, hoping he would think of her every time he smoked. Hoping eventually he would quit. But that didn’t seem to happen. Archana was always bothered with Sameer smoking and Sameer knew that. She never him asked to do anything he didn’t like. 

      Things turn out pretty ugly when you let your ego get the best of you. Sameer learnt that the hard way. He promised himself he would never let his foolish pride make decisions for him ever. Days rolled to years and there he stood reminiscing things he missed. He felt a comforting touch. “That’s strange. Cigarette in place and you are not smoking,” Nikitha, his wife. She gave him a tender smile. Sameer put his arm across her shoulders and moved her close to him. He leaned and kissed her forehead. Now staring back at the waves he said, “I’m gonna get over it.”  He threw the cigarette away,   “smoking that is…” He placed the lighter in Niki’s hands…

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Joe got down from the train. He knew he had very little time. He started to run, making his way through the crowd with great agile. He climbed three steps at a time, he had no time to walk, staring at the strange faces. He got out of the station, picked up his pace; he knew he has only few minutes. His heart pounding fast, adrenalin rushing to his head, he ran, ran like the wind.

He was running on the sidewalk like a mad man chased by an ogre craving for blood. He pushed himself to run faster, he has to make it in time. Just around the corner was the coffee shop which was almost like his second home. He spent most of his time from office here. This is where he met Rachel. He had a date tonight. He saw her through the window. She caught sight of him. Joe slowed down.

A woman with a baby carriage was moving across him. She was totally fixed on the baby and wasn’t aware of the speeding Joe-truck. Joe calculated his steps. When he was close to carriage, he sprang like a wild cat. He cleared the carriage clean. Rachel was startled she stood up and waved at him. Joe took no notice of her. He started picking up his pace again. He ran with every ounce of energy left in his body.

Joe got to his house. He threw the doors open. Within seconds a beastly holler so sickening was heard. Then aaaaaughhh….. A humongous sigh of relief….

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