Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been hearing about this lately. Especially after Ronald Emmerich’s 2012, made people who weren’t previously aware of the supposedly impending doomsday blabber on this subject. I mean, just consider some of these theories. Like the Mayan calendar, what if it ends with Dec 21? Big Deal!! It’s not even in the same league as the 2009 playboy calendar ending come December. Bye, Bye Miss. July I‘m gonna miss you.

You can’t decide the fate of a gazillion year old planet on some stupid calendar. Probably the poor chap got bored or got a girl friend to work on instead.
Did you hear about the shifting of magnetic poles? That’s what I call one hundred percent full on bull crap.

After all these lame theories, if you are up for another pathetic hypothesis read along. This might actually work. From this day I’m gonna stop brushing my teeth and refrain from any sort of bathing activity. No, No the world won’t come to an end... No not yet. It is a gradual step-wise kaizen process. This is where I show I do MBA. In a month’s time my poor roomy would be the first one of many to go. May his soul, rest in peace. Possibly in the next six months, the whole of hostel will succumb to mother of all plagues, a plague so worse even rats would despise. By the end of the year it would be whole of South India.

Needless to say, its only a matter of time,it’s gonna wipe out life from the face of this earth. I’m not saying it’s possible but it’s probable.... :D

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One night @ the railway station

It was nearing 9 in the night.The breeze was soothing as usaul in coimbature. The three chapathi's I had for dinner would do the trick, I strolled down the railway junction. It wasnt crowded as I expected, may be its because I was there a bit early, by an hour. Dont know what came over me, I started singing angel by Aerosmith.

I'm alone, I dont think I can face that, I m in tears and the crying that I m doing is for you...

Then there was a couple of giggles, I turned around to a bunch of college girls heading home for the weekend. Someone made a comment and they were giggling at me. Come on, if you didnt know Steven tyler,you are missing something. i'm the one who should be laughing at you people. This little incident dint stop me, I sat on a bench and continued with the words.

I saw this foreigner and her cute may be what 6 or 7 year old daughter. They dressed same, the bags they were carrying were same except the size. This little girl walked past me and she came back, looked at me straight in the eye. She gave a smirk. Whats with these people today? Does anybody in the world know this song. Damn, we are talking about aerosmith here.

This made me stop singing. I know I'm not even a mile around Steven Tyler, but I'm not that bad either.An elderly couple walked past me and said that a little too loud for me to hear. Now I know why they were giggling. Its not Steven, its me...

"what have you got a year or two? I have a whole life ahead" I mumbled feebly...

This happened during the peak of Swine flu. Never got around to post it though...