Sunday, August 24, 2008


I ve found almost everything ever written about love to be true. Shakespeare said journeys end in lovers meeting. what an extra ordinary thought. Personaly I have not experienced anything remotely close to that. But I'm more than willing to believe shakespeare had. I suppose I think about love more than anyone really should. I'm constantly amazed by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. It was shakespeare who also said, love is blind. Now that is something I know to be true.

For some quite inexplicably, love fades. For others love is simply lost. And then of course, love can be also be found, even if just for a night. And then theres another kind of love, the cruellest kind. The one that almost kills its victims, its cold unrequited love. Of that I - am - an expert. Most love stories are about people who fall in love with each other. But what about the rest of us. What about our stories those of us who fall in love alone. We are the victims of the one sided affair. We are the cursed of the loved ones.we are the unloved ones. The walking wounded. The handicapped without the advantage of a parking space.
-The Holiday


The movie is a romantic drama,a love triangle blended into perfect love story. Its starts in a hospital. There is this amiable old man reading a story to an amnesiac, an old lady. The story is set around 1940. It starts in a carnival.This is where Nova meets Allie and asks her out. Things start of fine as Nova and Allie fall in love. One night Nova takes her to a old broken manor. Nova's dream is to renovate this house. Allie says she wants a room with lakeside view for her.

Then it turns into a typical kollywood movie. Allie's parents don't like Nova cos he ain't rich. With things getting serious between Allie and Nova, they leave town. Before leaving, nova and Allie squabble and say things they don't mean. But Nova was still in love and so was Allie. He would write a letter everyday for a whole year. But it wont reach Allie, all thanks to her Mom. Nova would join the army, the world war II of course.

Years roll on, and Allie joins the service camp to help people who were injured in the war. There she meets Hammond. For hammond its love at first sight. They start dating and Hammond gets OK from Allie's parents cos he's damn rich. Allie says yes. Still wonderin g if it was for the big diamond or Hammond. Now Nova returns from war and his Dad selling his house would buy Nova's yet to be dream house - the old manor. Nova goes to the city for the house plans and accidentally catches Allie and Hammond kissing. Heart broken, he goes back renovating the manor, hoping it would bring Allie back to him. At some point you would know the old lady is Allie but what you don't know - who the old man is 'nova or hammond'.

Nova transforms the old manor into an amazing place. Nova would have no intentions of selling the place. Newspapers have an article about him and his exquisite manor. With the wedding around the corner, Allie picking her wedding gown notices the article. She goes back to Nova, only to tell him that they were through. But it goes other way. They spend the most beautiful days of their lives. But now with Hammond, Allie's confused. She has to choose between the man she loves and the man she had given her word. Nova and Allie have this squabble again, and you get to hear one of best proposals in movie history.

just stay with me.-stay with u? what for? look at us we are already fighting.thats what we do. we fight. You tell me when i'm being a arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are. 99% percent of the time. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings. I have a 2 second rebound rate and you start doing the next pain in the ass thing.-so what..?so its not going to be easy. Its going to be really hard. We may have to work this out everyday. But i wanna do that. Cos I want you. I want all of you. forever. just you and me everyday.

Allie comes back to Nova. They live happily everafter untill she has this Amnesia. The story ends and we are back at the hospital. They have this candle light dinner and Allie's not sure what she's doing. She walks to window, its the same room with the lake side view. Looking at sunset, she says,"Isn't it beautiful?". Nova standing away from the window would be staring at her and say,"Yes it is". Allie gets back her memories and loses them in minutes. And you realise that Nova's been doing the story telling time and again just to have a couple of moments with his love. Movie has a melodramatic end. Its a love story and it should end that way right.