Saturday, October 31, 2009


Getting bored with your cable TV? Are you discontented with your cable service?

It’s time to switch to DIRECTV service.

They provide with excellent packages at astonishing prices. You can get the package which suits you well. You can take sports, movies, news and other direct TV channels.

The lowest package is $29.99 which offers 150+ channels and 52 radio channels. They also provide HD-DVR service with free DVR receiver.

This is the best deal.

You gonna bore your self with cable tv or switch to Directv Television?


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You can always call them and enquire about the events and seats available. The customer service is so friendly and forthcoming. You can purchase the tickets online or via telephone.

You can also buy tickets for any or all five of the New York Giants match coming up. If you are a jets fan, you can buy the New York jets NFL tickets at lowest possible price.

Friday, October 16, 2009



This is for all the folks who are interested in knowing anything and everything about GOLD. This is a site that contains all the information available pertaining to GOLD COINS.

It doesnt stop here!!! You can also buy GOLD COINS here. The process is really simple. We all know the price of GOLD is ever rising, it is a solid thing you can invest on. You buy gold one day and sell it on the next day, you can earn a considerable amount of profit... :D

The best part is, you can choose the GOLD BULLIONS you wanna buy, a few of them are given here...

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is a poem written by my friend, Sathya for his girlfriend... 5 years and still going strong, I wish them a 100 years more together...

I Love…
I love the way you are,
I love the time when you are with me
I love the way you look as pure as god when you wake up in the morning
I love the way you fret when you get nervous and tense
I love the way you sigh(hhhuuhhhh) when you are tired
I love the way you try to control yourself when I make u laugh uncontrollably
I love the way, you get angry with me and wait for me to say sorry
I love the touch when I say sorry and you slap me
I love the way you fuss with your unruly wild curly hair
I love the way you speak Tamil although it is pathetic but incredibly funny
I love the spark of happiness in your eyes, when I say you are beautiful
I love the way when you keep on talking and I remain silent(Depends on my mood,of course!)
I love those memories of our time together in college/bus/cinemas/hotels/beach etc
I would love to see you in the white wedding gown you have told me about
I would love wrinkles on your face when you will grow old with me
I would love the time when we both will visit dentist in older age.
I would love to be slapped by you even at that time
I would love to make you laugh even after we are too old to even walk.
I would love to be puzzled to guess your mood, if you will be with me forever
I would love to make your eyes sparkling and smiling, whenever I will say “you are still beautiful”
I would love to live my whole life with you
I would love to protect you till my last breath
I would love to love you till death beckons
I would love to breathe my last in your arms
Because I will not be able to live without you
And will not allow even death to take you away from me
Because it`s you and only you in this world to whom I will ever say