Monday, September 28, 2009

Relativity of time...

The morning broke out at 5.30 on Saturday, for everyone else it isn’t morning until the clock strikes 8 on weekends. We were in annaikatti. Annaikatti is the place we go for camping every three weeks. Luckily our group had yoga. Trekking was ruled out because we had that the last time. So it was either yoga or physical exercise. Thank Heavens it was yoga.

Yoga, how hard is it going to be? All we had to do is sit in one place, inhale and exhale; at least that’s what I thought. But our Director had other plans. He made us walk in a path embedded with pebbles pointing out. After that piercing experience, literally and figuratively, we gathered with mats in the Yoga Hall. It wasn’t just a Yoga Hall. It was a Yoga/ Dining Hall with an attached Kitchen.

Our Director asked us to meditate for five minutes. Then he turned on an audio of a soothing and spiritual voice saying OM over and over again. I said to myself, it’s only five minutes, I can do this. I checked my watch, it showed 7.12. I closed my eyes and started taking deep breaths. Then I heard our Director scolding the guys who were late. A minute later it was all calm and quiet, I could hear the birds chirping, such a divine music. Too bad it was disrupted by an awful crow. An Aroma so familiar filled up the air, yes toasted bread. Yummy! We are having toasted bread for breakfast.

Then I started thinking about the next day, Sunday fun day. I started making an agenda for Sunday. Now, for what seemed like ages, I was sure at least 15-20 minutes would have passed. With the pride of accomplishment, I opened my eyes and checked my watch. It showed 7.14..

The longest two minutes of my life...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Am I Unfaithful...

She danced with the breeze
Enchanting, enticing
She was irresistable
I wanted to reach out to her
Touch her, Caress her
Hold her close to me
Am I being unfaithful?
My Heart belongs to someone else
I was losing my grip
I gave in....

Then my girl friend said with a playful laugh, "Come on stop playing with my hair"