Thursday, February 26, 2009

Songs That Go Round and Round In Your Head

There are quite a few songs, you wont be able to get outta your head, You listen to them once and it keeps running through your head for days. You keep singing them sub consiously, humming them in your bath room. you know what I mean right... This post is dedicated to all those songs...

1. Minnale - May Matham[Best heart broken song ever made]
2. Euphoria - Mai Ri[ Most of the words I dont even understand, I still love this song]
3. Don McClean - American Pie
4. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris [Movie - City of Angels]
5. C21 - You are the One
6. MLTR - More than a friend
7. Rascal Flatts - What hurts the most
8. Outlandish - Aisha
9. Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all[ Movie - Notting Hill]
10. John Mayer - Your body is wonderland
11. Nickelback - Faraway
12. Creed - With arms wide open
13. Counting Crows - Accidentally in love
14. Greenday - Time of your life [Boulevard of Broken Dreams came so close]
15. Godsmack - I Stand Alone
16. Evanescence - My Immortal [ The way Amy Lee sings the lines "Its been hard to tell my self that you are gone, I ve been alone all alone" gives you goosebumps]
17. Aqualung - Brighter than sunshine.[ Movie - A Lot Like Love]
18. Maroon 5 - She will be loved
19. Puddle of Mudd - She hates me
20. Hinder - Lips of an angel
21. Phil Collins - You ll Be in my heart
22. Anggun - Snow on the sahara
23. John Denver - Annie's Song
24. U2 - Sweetest thing
25. Rock On - Yeh Tumaari Meri bahtein
26. Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain
27. Shania Twain - From this moment
28. Metallica - Where ever I may roam. [ Awesome guitar solo]
29. Ricky Martin - The Touch.
30. Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind.
31. Three Doors down - Here without you
32. Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red
33. Richard Marx - Right here
34. Corrs - Runaway
35. Life House - You and Me [Tough timing deciding between this and Hanging by the moment]

I have limited myself to only 35 songs... Hope You guys add some more:-)

I Cant help it masakali - Delhi 6... Sonam Kapoor is darn cute.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not a Good Morning...

Tied them laces up. “Rising Up… Straight to the top…” Eye of the tiger by Survivors. Never fails to get me in the mood when I’m jogging. It was early around six, dint expect him to be sitting on the bench. It was kinda strange… I have always seen him flaunting his washboard abs in a tight tee which he probably bought when he was ten. He wasn’t much of an acquaintance. Apart from the fact that we live in the same apartment, all I know about him is, he could win a Ryan Philippe look alike contest any day…

I don’t like him that much. Why...? Coz I hate him. Okay this story dates long back. I had a serious crush on this girl J, from our apartment. Let’s first define crush. You have feelings deep down under for a person. You are afraid you might blow it, but wind blows, so does season… Now it’s too late, and that person has found someone else. You are crushed and you brush it off by saying it was only a crush but it still hurts somewhere inside.

He moved in like 4 years before. I have absolutely no idea what happened. J and him hooked up. Within weeks they started going out and things got worse… Just when I went past him, he called out “Hey dude… You have second?” “Me? What? Why?[monolouge - Oh Shut up!!] “Sure man…” I sat next to him. He continued “Its J”[monolouge - Don’t tell me you made her pregnant.] I clutched my fist. There’s a chance of one in a million, I could knock him down but also chances of 999999 in a million he would beat the living pulp outta me. He said, “ J dumped me…

I was thrown away …Oh dear Lord you have finally forgiven me. I was literally singing in my mind [Tats the way ah ahn ah ahn I like it ah ahn ah ahn] “What happened …?” Phew…. Like I give a damn, I was so happy, it made my day. He said, “ I don’t know… May be I’m not good enough for her.” “Whoa… Taken quite a few years to figure that out.”

Not helping bro…” I have taken it too far I guess. Man, the look on his face…. “Did She say why? May be its something you could work on.” “She said I was irresponsible, insensitive and other things I dint even understand” “Tell me something I don’t know… If Webster made a dictionary to understand Women, He would be richer than Scrooge McDuck.” He made an desperate attempt to smile “ I guess…” Now I was kinda sorry for him…

Some girls are like man eaters, And I'm not talking about the whoa-whoa, here she comes kind of man-eater. I'm talking about the kind that uses your dignity as a dishtowel to wipe up any shreds of manhood that might be stuck inside the sink”. [ Wow that’s a direct quote from Dr.Cox, I have no idea where it came from… May be the fact that I’m so addicted to SCRUBS and watch them over and over again] He was still looking down on the grass lost somewhere.

Incoming!!! Don’t panic it ain’t mortars. This must be the new girl mom was talking about. I’m tired of baby sitting this guy anyway. I called out to her, “Hey…” She stopped running, walked towards the bench. [car brakes] She was smiling at the moron sitting next to me, “Hi I’m S… I’m new here”. Just wait a minute… What the hell is happening here? I’m damn sure I was the one, who called her. What Am I? INVISIBLE…?

This guy who was almost in tears a minute ago, stood up with a bright smile, "Let me show you around".They started jogging together. Now you know why I hate this guy...

This story is supposed to be funny, so laugh anyway. Its fictional and any resemblance to people living, dead or in coma, it’s a mere coincidence. If you think its intentional, go ahead sue me…

Song I’m listening to : C21 - U are the one.

The Lord of pure pukka putrid is back in town. This story WHITE ROSE is a must read...

This is another funny story I came across OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing Lasts Forever

It was dark…

The wind blew up the curtain. Lights from the street crept in. He could see her standing by the window staring outside…

Her hair, gently blown by the wind. Tears trickling down her chin …

It was killing him, to stand there and watch her cry…

He knew, she deserved better than him…

Song I'm Listening: - Hinder – better than me…

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Brought into this world
They say your born in sin
Atleast they gave me something
I din't have steal or have to win - Jon Bon Jovi

Brought into this world
They say your born in tin
Atleast they gave me jeera[sugar syrup]
For me to swim within - Haldiram's rasgula

They say I'm really wanted
I'm a wanted man...
I'm going down
In a blaze of glory...
Take me now
But know the truth

P.S. Apologies to all Bon Jovi's fan. It was hard for me coz am one too. I was literally holding the Haldiram's tin, striking a Hamlet's pose saying - "to write or not to write"