Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Kollywood is currently obsessed with exhibiting who makes better movies. Making movies with whopping budget of 60,70 crores and best part is they actually gross more than that.
Dhasavatharam is unquestionably a milestone in history of tamil movie. Hell with Bollywood, we are competing with Hollywood now.

Actually I thought this to be the first movie to employ butterfly theory. The theory states a butterfly flapping its wings in Rio de Janeiro might change the weather in Chicago. But heard from my friends that 12b starring Shyam was the pioneer, but its remake though. Train changed to bus and with prescribed Tamil movie content, it did well. Interested in this, you gotta watch movies like frequency and butterfly effect.

Dr.Kamal Haasan has donned amazing 10 roles. He has reached a point that no one could possibly surpass. Especially the effort he had put in their accents was astounding. Chris Fletcher, Wincent Poovanathan and Balram Naidu were par excellence. Its evident that he has done more than his home work. Body langauge and mannerism of each character was distinct and perfect. Screenplay was spectacular(with capital s). With all that happening, he not only had connect the characters but also the incidents that happened around Tsunami.

With seven of his movies nominated by India for oscars, four national awards for best acting, bagging 18 filmfare awards and Nayagan in the list of best 100 movies ever made reported by TIMES magazine, though entertained I was bit lowered with his movies that were influenced by the veteran actor Robin Williams' work. Like aavai shanmuki from Mrs.Doubtfire, Vasool raja from Patch Adams and Nammavar from Dead poet society.Now I can say this out loud not even Robin Williams would dare to do anything as Godzillicious as this. Bootylicious, Fergalicious and this wouldn't sound odd... I guess.