Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paying It Forward

Do you believe in karma? I do. Being an Indian and especially a southie, I do believe in karma. Like Jason Lee in the comedy series My Name Is Earl. Karma is a simple belief that when you do good things to other people, good things happen to you. When you do bad things, yes bad things befall. We have centuries old literature, Silappathikaram story of a philanderer husband and a really cool kick-ass wife who burns an entire city for her husband’s death. The moral of the story is that the sins we commit in this birth will affect you in your next one.

‘Ulvinai uruthu vanthu ootum’

Yey I remembered the lines. Its ancient Tamil, it’s like a totally different language. We are forced to memorize them in school. But my hypothesis differs slightly from this. I say bad things don’t wait. They don’t wait for your next birth, it happens to you so fast before you know what hit you. So when somebody screws me up, I just let it go, leave it all behind. Its not like I’m a nice guy or anything, I wish they go hell but never did anything to get back at them. Coz I don’t want bad things happening to me.

Another thing that amazes me is, Paying It Forward principle. Its almost the same thing. They say it only applies to the good things returning back to you. I say it goes both ways. When lots of good things are happening to you, you can be sure of a bad thing following it. The tenth grade results came last week. I have a kid next door who is almost like a little brother to me. He got 83.5% we are all happy about it.

The other day he bought chocolates on the pretext of the results. I don’t like candies. I refused the offer but my curiosity didn’t leave me at peace. I peeped into the box, sikes CADBURY’S. Cadbury’s is altogether a different thing. I grabed one for myself. I took one bite, I don’t chew, I leave it to melt by itself in my mouth. It’s an amazing feeling like I’m kissing my girl, its just that CADBURY’s a thousand times better.Then he asked me what gift I’m gonna buy him. I said anything you want.

The following day I took him to the shop, I was standing at fancy key chain section, coz seriously I thought that’s what he’s gonna choose. I turned around and found him standing in the pen section.
Guess what he wanted?

I was like, are you sure want that? He said, “Yes…” He was really excited. Damn, I shouldnt have said anything you want.Then again I gave my word… This is paying it forward…. I graduated from a really good engineering college, though I’ll never be able to solve this one…

5 bucks Cadbury’s = 300 bucks Parker vector… :D [LOL]

P.S. The blogger doesn’t really have a girl friend. All potential candidates, I mean girls within age limit 20-24 can apply. Indians need not apply coz All Indians are my brothers and sisters. Cute east Asian people are preferred. Girls with Kung-Fu, Karate, Tae kwan do as extra qualification can refrain from applying. I’m not keen on getting my butt kicked every time I’m late for a date…

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Hari met Shalini - II

5.57 pm

Hari reached Shalini’s house… He got down… Shalini dressed in white salwar looking pretty as usual, walked down to him.
“You are all dressed up… Are we going somewhere?”
“Where to?”
“Usual place…”

Hari was so happy to hear that… Their usual place is a spot on the long road beside the beach… They would go there talk for ages sitting on the wall that separates the vast expanse white sand and the road. God Damn it Chandru… I knew it was a bluff… IIM guy my @$$...

“Why all of a sudden?” Hari couldn’t hold himself… His mind was playing lot of scenarios…
“I have a date with my fiancé… I want you to come with me…”

Hari slowed down. That was last of the conversation. Hari felt like somebody just him on his chest with a sledge hammer. The air seemed to suffocate him somehow. It was getting hard to breathe. Shalini dint seem to be aware of Hari's reaction. She was busy toggling songs in her i-pod. They were nearing the spot. He pulled over next to their spot. He got down. His hand, searching rummaging his pockets for a cigarette. He lit one, looked up, Shalini was sitting on the wall facing the blue sea. Her eyes closed, feeling the cool wind on her face.

Hari just stood there staring her. He would give up anything, anything to be the wind. The wind that caresses her face, whispers in her ear, makes her smile and just dies mutely in her hair… He sat next to her. Longest 20 minutes of Hari’s life. It seemed strange to him, Shalini once you got her talking; it’s hard to get her to stop. She hasn’t spoken a word yet. Hari tried to initiate the conversation.

“Your fiancé… Is he coming or what?”
Shalini turned to face him. She was upset. Hari couldn’t see her eye to eye, he turned away. “Its just that we been here for 20 minutes, he hasn’t showed up yet. May be he’s stuck in traffic. Did you call…”

Shalini interrupted him, “My fiancé is the biggest dumbo of all”
She was frustrated. Hari chewed down the words he was about to say.
Shalini, “How can one not understand when somebody loves them…"
Hari was like tell me about it… He dint say a word, he stared at the beach.

Shalini, “My stupid fiancé is sitting right next to me and asking where my fiancé is…”
Hari was taken aback, “Shalini… I… eh…”
Shalini, “Save it!!... I love you too… Let’s go some place to eat, I’m hungry…”

Monday, May 25, 2009

When Hari met Shalini…

Hari honked wildly at the car moving slowly ahead of him. He was hitting the horn like it was some kind of punch bag. He wasn’t really angry at the traffic or the people who caused it. He was angry at himself, at what he has done or rather what he hasn’t. He isn’t usually like this. He’s a cool headed guy, the kind of guy who stops his car, letting little kids cross the street. Today he seemed to be in a hurry. He checked his watch it was 5.30 pm.

3.12 pm Same Day.

“When are you going to tell her?”
“I will… I will tell her…”
“When? When she is married to someone else?”
“It’s not as easy as it seems… It’s complicated… It’s…”
“Oh come on… How long you been in love with her… three years… you see her everyday at work, still…“
“Just drop it yaar… please…”
“Hari, you are my best friend… I’m telling this for your own good… Listen to me… “
“Chandru I know… I’m scared… I don’t wanna mess it all up…”
“Did you hear about the IIM guy?”
“What IIM guy?”
“Shalini’s mom… Her friend’s son… He’s some finance manager somewhere… Shalini dint tell you about this?”
“She gave head ups to this?”
“Not yet I think… That’s why I m asking you to talk to her ASAP…”

Hari and Chandru sat there in silence. Hari was troubled. Shalini dint say anything about this. He thought may be Chandru was pulling this stuff to make him talk to her. He was really confused.

Hari’s phone rings… Shalini on the other end.
“Shalini… I was just thinking about you…”
“How you been…”
“Can you come over to my place in the evening say around 6”
[Tell her… Tell her damn it….] Chandru whispers…
Hari hangs up…
“I m seeing her in the evening… Will talk to her then….”
“Good luck pal…”

5.31 pm. Back in the car.

Hari gets a little bit off the line and starts talking to himself…

“You have to tell her man… Don’t hesitate… Be cool… You gotta sweep her off her feet… what do I say? Have to be something really good… hmmm… You are the reason I live, You are the reason I’d die… NO!! that’s Steven Tyler … I live only for your happiness and for your love I’ll give my last breath… God Damn it… stop screwing around with song lines and think straight… Just say how you feel… Here it goes… Shalini I love you… I wanna marry you… Have kids and grow old with you… I wanna wake up every morning with you by my side… That wasn’t bad, was it?...

To be continued….

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kiss Me

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to do something…? Ever had the rush of desire to kiss someone?

Have you ever been completely lost in someone’s charisma?

It happened to me… last night.
I was hanging out with my friends, playing carom and having some drinks… Don’t worry it was just coke and seven up and few beers… Just kidding.

It was then I saw her. She sat there all alone, playing to herself, talking to herself. Anyone in their right state of mind would have said, that girl is out of her damn mind. For me, she was the cutest thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Big expressive eyes, soft lips man she was gorgeous. Dressed in pink skirt, she was throwing her white hanky bordered pink, and trying to catch it when it falls. She was laughing all the while, I bet she dint know that I was drowning in her laughter. Her hair, not long was just below her shoulders. They were dancing to evening breeze.

They way it fell on her face and she caressed it to the side, made my heart skip a beat everytime. I couldn’t hold back. I’m only just a boy. I gave in. I walked to her. She was looking at me like an alien from another planet. That dint stop me, I lifted her and kissed her on her cheeks. Then I saw her cute pink palm move across my head, and whacked my glasses. My glasses fell and were hanging on my nose in an awkward manner. I don’t know was it me looking goofy with glasses or the joy of whacking me. She started giggling, by God that’s the sweetest music I ever heard in my entire life.

Then I felt warm, it was spreading over my arms. Then I realized…
I called out to her mom, “Aunty, I think Pooja needs a diaper change”

Inspired from a fellow blogger...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Cry

The light bulb flickered over his head. He looked around, people with saddened face, with hardly any expressions, seemed like they have frozen in time. He felt its just him, every second he sat there was like ages. He was falling apart by the minute. The voices, the cries running over and over his head were breaking him down. He could barely take it anymore. He felt a hand on his shoulders, he shrugged and stood up. He knew nobody would understand what he’s going through. He took a few steps, he was biting his fingers. Something crept over his mind; he looked at his fingers...

It was Ind vs Aus match. He was watching it with Archana. She was sitting on the other end of the couch, busy reading a magazine. Last over, 8 runs from 4 balls to win. He started biting his nails. “Stop that. You do that everytime you are tensed. You know what you look like when you are biting your nails? Monkey… thats what you look like” She crawled towards him. “My cute monkey” Holding his face, she kissed him and cuddled in his arms.

He still stood there staring at his fingers. He felt her touch, her kiss. The cry, the cries of pain brought him back to reality. He made a desperate attempt to hold on to something that wasn’t real, something that was fading away. It took him a while to realize she wasn’t there holding him. He was losing his mind. He heard someone call him. He turned around, a woman dressed in white, “Mr.Anand” gesturing what seemed like you should go in.

He felt something rushing up his spine and hitting the brain. Everything blurred. He staggered his way to the room. He was scared and his heart pounding like a race horse. He entered the room. She was laid in the bed. He knelt beside the bed. Held her hand, she broke a feeble smile. Not a word he spoke, his tears said it all...

“Mr.Anand you have a baby boy”

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guess Who's Back

That something money cant buy. Showing your middle finger along with your family that too after the elections.Man, I wanna do that. Cant wait till elections starts in chennai... I ll be the one saying up yours @$$%*@%... Pardon my language. I cant help it, with the election season ramblings, accusations and claiming to have done something that has been there for ages, it brings that out of me. Rahul bhaiya, saying empowering villagers will cease terrorism in 15 mins. Somebody please tell me, how thats gonna work?

I know what you are thinking, this brat was watching TV during exams. Hell yeah... you cant expect me to study 24/7. I watched this and Chennai Super Kings kicking the living shit outta Deccan Chargers. Back to business, not many people know about this. 49-O. Its your right to nullify your vote. You heard me right. You can choose not to vote. Coz none of these @$$%%^&* are worthy of it. It will be really cool if you do that and show the finger. Up Yours buddy.

Now come on, why do you got to keep your hand on the mouse? You are not going anywhere. Now stretch out your middle finger. Looks good doesnt it? Now say it just once ,up yours. That’s cheating. I dint hear you!!! Lets try that again, this time with a big picture. I dont know where to put this, but I badly want this in my post. So here it goes...

Bad politician & their Fake promises UP YOURS
Wasted bucks on a Bad movie UP YOURS
People who have made you feel bad UP YOURS
People judging you by your face UP YOURS
People who say JTYJN is a bad movie UP YOURS [More on this later]
Mobile Special offer calls when you are expecting an important call UP YOURS
Pesky Bosses UP YOURS
Broken promises UP YOURS
Held up lunch dates when you are freaking hungry UP YOURS
Pathetic pick up lines UP YOURS
Power cut on a crucial match UP YOURS
Porno flicks UP YOURS figuratively
Tom Cruise... This ones from me. Its not like I hate you or something. I like your movies Mr.T, its just that you are a 42 year old slob and you screwed it big time marrying Katie. Man… whats with jumping on the sofa thing? If she was in love with me, I would have jumped from EIFFEL tower.

Be kind enough to go back and look at Baby B's finger. Is that a finger? It looks more of Cuban Cigar than a finger.Look at ash's finger, Darn it so cute. If she showed me her middle finger and say "FU", I would go down on my knees saying yes please.

Laugh it up fellas. Ash thing was for you. She never was never will be on my to-do list. He He

One more thing dont judge me by this post. I typed this right after my exam. Two back to back excruciating exams, not much sleep in last two days. I not usually like this, I'm more nastier. I think i m gonna hit the floor...

Dang!!! there...