Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just another day... in my life 2

Today was kinda hectic. Waking up late, my friend texts me that we are suppose to submit an assignment today first hour. Taking a bath and getting ready I rush up to my friend’s room. I was totally lost on whose room I left my shoes after Pongal celebrations in our college. BTW, my class bagged all the events. Now with the missing shoes I decided to write the assignment. Then another friend told that its in his room. [I’M LIVING IN A SHITHOLE OF A ROOM IN MY COLLEGE HOSTEL] One problem solved. We finish the assignment in a hurry and we reached college just in time.
That damn faculty of us didn’t even bother to ask about the assignment. Then he went on with his usually ridiculously dumb method of taking class. Then outta no where, he dropped this question. Why does English language has two types of script? Capital and small letters. We really dint know how to answer that. I was still thinking how this has any relevance to Operations management.

Then one of my class-mate, decided to answer that. He was sleeping till then and he dint have clue on what was going on. He said, “Sir capital letter is used for the first letter of a word” My God that’s the discovery of the century. That just made my day. Here below are some pictures taken on Pongal celebrations in my college. I have to submit an article for our newsletter by tomorrow I haven’t started it yet...


Friday, January 29, 2010

Just another day... in my life

I have been trying to write a post for a few days. I think I lost my mojo, dunno what the heck to write. Then I had this idea. I’m gonna tell you what happened on Friday last week. We as in me and my friends went to the Kongu University for a Management Fest. It’s almost a one and half hour drive from Coimbatore. We took to our bikes and headed on a road trip on a chilly weather at 7 am. We had to take like four pit stops in between coz we were driving like hell and our fingers went numb in cold and wind. Stop to having hot coffee, that was a given.

We reached there by 9 am. Boy those people really know how to manage time. The event was supposed to start by 9 and they were only late by what just 2 hours. It was eleven on the dot when they started. I was in the marketing game. Nearly 25 teams were competing with us. We cleared the first round. It was a written round; we were on top of the list. Next was a visual round, they would show some pictures of business men and brand ambassadors and were asked to identify them and the product they endorse. There was one team who put on their ‘I don’t know what the fuck I’m thinking’ hat and identified Vidya Balan as Rani Mukherjee. Those guys just made my day. Come on what kinda Dude wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from Vidya and Rani.

Then we progressed from one round to another managing to be on top till the finals. Finals we came to know of other people’s product. They said creativity plays a key role. Our thing was jewels and our product was jewels with hidden cam, GPS and stuff. Guess what other teams made water proof watch like that wasn’t existing for ages, CRT tube laptop [Boy I thought CRT tubes were obsolete even before 50 years] I think he did his BE in mannar & co Engg. College.

Even the judges screwed them to the core. There we sat confidently of bagging the first prize and guess what we dint get any not even third. If the results were going to be fixed up, then why the hell invite other colleges. I mean why waste our time, energy, petrol and money. But at the end of the day we had us. Friends taking a road trip, driving on the high way, stoping at deserted coffee shops, spending a day in activities, I would say that was FUN.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 [2009]

Genre: Crime/Action.

Director: Tony Scott.

Cast: Denzel Washington, John Travolta, James Gandolfini.

Plot: A Subway Train is hijacked and people are held hostage. Hijackers demand ransom. What is their ulterior motive? Do they get away with this? That’s the story.

Denzel and Tony Scott join hand in yet another tense block buster. The Deadly Duo gave movies like Man on fire, Déjà Vu and Crimson Tide, was the cause of much hype for this thriller. The movie fell short to the expectations of the movie buffs.
The original released in 1974 by the same name was adapted from John Godey’s best seller. It was a first-rate heist movie with a classy end. The thing I love about remakes is that they share only the core. They have a different plot and different characterization that keeps you in the edge of the seat.
Denzel Washington [Walter Garber] gave an indelible performance as a train dispatcher alleged of taking bribe in some sort of train contract. I seriously think John Travolta [Ryder] should take lessons for swearing from Al Pacino. Apart from that, Travolta did a decent job as a demented, not afraid to die Hijacker.
I loved this conversation between Garber and Ryder.
Garber -She was unhappy but she understood.
Ryder - Well, that’s love right?
Garber -No that’s marriage. That’s a different thing.
The movie is a fast pace thriller ending up in the usual face off between the good guy and the bad guy. It has excess of what is required in a crime movie but it is shadowed by fast pace and presence of Denzel and Travolta. This is a perfect entertainer; I would recommend this movie, provided you haven’t watched the original.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I’m never gonna get a girl friend!!!

Like every other tom dick and harry I want a girl friend too... I mean just one girl, fall in love with her, marry her and have kids. That thing ain’t gonna happen. See, I’m friendly funny and stuff but never the conversation initiator.
What made me write this? Today I took a train from Chennai to Coimbatore. Usually its grannies or men who give me company. First time in my damn history of bad luck, I had a girl sitting right next to me. This girl was my type. She was homely. She was a nonstop chatterbox; mind you she wasn’t talking to me. She was talking to her friend.

There she was looking so pretty and here I was... pondering how to start the conversation. Half an hour passed by, am still sitting there not saying a word. By now it’s even weird to say ‘hi’. Come on face it. I been sitting there with her for more than 30 minutes and say ‘Hi’ outta no where... Not such a good idea.
Then a guy about 35 years got on train and sat opposite to me. For a while, I thought the years of bad luck were finally over. This guy had to come up and remind me, it’s gonna stay. Then he called someone and asked what was he listening too. Then called someone else and asked the same question this time it was an MCQ. He gave choices. Option a – Vettaikaran Option b – Ayan. This was getting odd. Then to top it he sang a song, guess which one? From the TATA DOCOMO ad. I like it too but you gotta face the facts. Nobody in the train is gonna get the lead and join him. We just ignored him. He calmed himself after awhile. Now why are we talking about this guy?

An hour passed by still not a word spoken. I mustered up some courage and asked her. “Are you going to Coimbatore?” She said, “yes” Me, “I m going there too... If I don’t wake up, could you wake me?” She had a really cute smile now, “Okay...” Now I gave a perfect imitation of Ross trying to say something, anything to Denise Richards. Boy that was awkward. With nothing I could think of to say I got on my upper birth turned on my mp3 player and.... dozed off....