Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning,

It was December. Strolling down the lane, observing things that came into life after the mild rain that set in last night. I could feel the soused soil beneath my feet. So serene, as I walked by very much amazed to see the crystal dew drops on the lush grass, tears from heaven shimmering in the sunshine. May be one of The Angels above was heart-broken, kept weeping all night. Apparent is the mind of the human, when he is happy, everything seems so joyful around him. When he is sad, you know how it goes...

Right here, is Mr.Gupta's place. Amiable 60 year old having his morning tea and updating himself from the newspaper with his love for more than 30 years, Mrs.Gupta. Whenever I see them around I'm astounded. Never seen a lovely couple like them except in the movies. Not even my Mom and Dad, thats another story, a tragedy to be precise. They are so warm, gentle and young at heart. Every time I think about them, I just can't help it, like its outta my control, a smile creeps into my face.

Have you ever really stopped to see the tiny mushrooms on a tree trunk? Stark white amidst the brown bark. Even the mushrooms are not alone. Looking above I could see the birds fluttering to dry their wings. Getting ready for the new day. Clearly, what happened yesterday has no bearing. They start fresh everyday. Walking on, I see small fishes swimming towards higher land against the flow, trifling with the mighty water though never giving in no matter what.

Forever & For always, I would love the girl down the lane. And there she is playing with her pup, Ryan. She was caressing her hair blown by the gentle breeze. I longed to be that breeze, that whispers in her ear, makes her smile, caresses her hair and just dies mutely. She then picked up Ryan, patted on his forehead and kissed him. I would trade, give away anything to be the little pup. She doesn't know I adore her. I never had the guts to verbalize the emotions saved deep down in my heart. I'm standing right here, just yards away from her.

The rain started pouring down...

P.S. Not touting but every para starts with my favorite track.

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purpleskygirl said...

heartbreaking, and beautiful