Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm one of them, who are still in dilemma whether we control our emotions [especially love] or it controls us. People say that it just happens, thats why we say I fell in love. But don't you think its odd, people also say we control our life and get to decide what we wanna do. So how come love just happens? When I asked some, they say its absolutely beyond physical attraction. Then what is love at first site? I think, U should get to know each other first.

Sometimes U feel like being ingored. Little things, that U might find interesting but Ur friends and family won't give a damn about it. Its then u think u need someone to listen to U, console U and set U right. Everybody hopes to find sum1, to share their joy and sorrow. If that someone is ur gender, U call him Ur best friend and if its not U call her Ur luv. Thats not fair. Why many of us fail to see that she too can be your best friend?And not Ur luv.

Many have misconceptions, they think their friendship is luv actually. But that person was just interested him coz they had same views, liked the same thing and the list goes on. Its not that bad to miscomprehend things but its worse when U end up broken hearted. Afficionados know the one thing U won't forget is Ur first love,even U forget the moments with Ur friends. This is true. Its sick to just waste ur precious moments over puppy love.

As far as I've known everybody believes in Love and the Best moment is when U realise u are actually in luv with someone. Sometimes U feel happy for Ur friend who's in luv. He's changed but in a good way, lets say he's refined whether his beloved sees this change but he is. Many give up smoking, booze and things like that for love. Isn't that good? Most of the people on earth have fallen in love but none could define love. Love is not a thing to define, its an emotion that will make say these lines,
"let me drown in ur laughter,
let me die in ur arms" - John Denver.

And thats LOVE...

You are not alone. There are a lot of stars in sky and one would sure be shining for U.

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