Thursday, September 4, 2008


What am I doing here?
What am I suppose to do?
Somebody please help me
I'm lost. I ain't got a clue

Who are all these people?
Are they friends or foe?
Somebody please tell me
I don't seem to know

Things change, people change
After all the things
Thats has been said and done
Am I the same person I used to be?

I don't even know, who I am
I dont even care
Somebody please tell me
What am I doing here?


Karthik said...

To know who you be,
just take a look, see
around your neck,
it states who you be ....

if the facts dont match ur theory change the facts said...

well it reflects ur state of mind.......u seem to have forced ur self to an extreme corner of ur life ...........where u have never ventured..........!!!!!!! well jus kiddin man ........creative ass !!!!!

ApocalypsE said...

Well Mr.If the facts(blah blah) try sitting in an internal examination for 2 hrs not knowing any answers :)

if the facts dont match ur theory change the facts said...

dude its not only u who sits for 2 hours with out racking ur grey cells...........there are ppl who .........!!!!! ;-p

OnCloud9 said...

one day you will know exactly what you are doing here and why you are here

well that's what i believe anyway - since i myself dont know :)

until then - perhaps its best to take one moment at a time and enjoy everything life has to give?