Friday, December 19, 2008



Granny was rocking the chair preoccupied in knitting. Sam turned off the TV after the movie. His Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. With nothing to do, His Dad looked at him and gave a smile. Not just any smile, THE SMILE. Sam knew what was coming. “Dad please don’t, am already bored”. “Come on… you could learn a thing or two from your old man…”

             “Dad, I’m not gonna do any of your stupid puzzles” Sam. “Listen kid, these things are really important. Problems are like women. They eat your brain, give you a big head ache. Smart ones solve it, the rest get married. So be a smart man, and solve this one.” “Henry, stop spoiling him,” Mom. Henry gave an annoying chuckle. There it is, the infamous people repeller. Sam never knew, was it the annoying sound or the bad breath. But it sure did the job. Now with Mom back in kitchen, Henry began…

             “If a 20 liter tank is filled at the rate of 2 liters per minute, it also leaks at the rate of a liter per minute. How long will it take to fill the tank?” Sam nettled by now “If  the freaking tank is leaking, who the hell would try to fill it?”. “I guess the dumb married ones like your dad would ” Granny. They all heard chuckles from kitchen.


            Dedicated to all those poor souls who had prepare for whatever reasons, knowing that its just another BULL……

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Kamal said...

Hilarious. Good one.
Is marraige that bad?