Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guess Who's Back

That something money cant buy. Showing your middle finger along with your family that too after the elections.Man, I wanna do that. Cant wait till elections starts in chennai... I ll be the one saying up yours @$$%*@%... Pardon my language. I cant help it, with the election season ramblings, accusations and claiming to have done something that has been there for ages, it brings that out of me. Rahul bhaiya, saying empowering villagers will cease terrorism in 15 mins. Somebody please tell me, how thats gonna work?

I know what you are thinking, this brat was watching TV during exams. Hell yeah... you cant expect me to study 24/7. I watched this and Chennai Super Kings kicking the living shit outta Deccan Chargers. Back to business, not many people know about this. 49-O. Its your right to nullify your vote. You heard me right. You can choose not to vote. Coz none of these @$$%%^&* are worthy of it. It will be really cool if you do that and show the finger. Up Yours buddy.

Now come on, why do you got to keep your hand on the mouse? You are not going anywhere. Now stretch out your middle finger. Looks good doesnt it? Now say it just once ,up yours. That’s cheating. I dint hear you!!! Lets try that again, this time with a big picture. I dont know where to put this, but I badly want this in my post. So here it goes...

Bad politician & their Fake promises UP YOURS
Wasted bucks on a Bad movie UP YOURS
People who have made you feel bad UP YOURS
People judging you by your face UP YOURS
People who say JTYJN is a bad movie UP YOURS [More on this later]
Mobile Special offer calls when you are expecting an important call UP YOURS
Pesky Bosses UP YOURS
Broken promises UP YOURS
Held up lunch dates when you are freaking hungry UP YOURS
Pathetic pick up lines UP YOURS
Power cut on a crucial match UP YOURS
Porno flicks UP YOURS figuratively
Tom Cruise... This ones from me. Its not like I hate you or something. I like your movies Mr.T, its just that you are a 42 year old slob and you screwed it big time marrying Katie. Man… whats with jumping on the sofa thing? If she was in love with me, I would have jumped from EIFFEL tower.

Be kind enough to go back and look at Baby B's finger. Is that a finger? It looks more of Cuban Cigar than a finger.Look at ash's finger, Darn it so cute. If she showed me her middle finger and say "FU", I would go down on my knees saying yes please.

Laugh it up fellas. Ash thing was for you. She never was never will be on my to-do list. He He

One more thing dont judge me by this post. I typed this right after my exam. Two back to back excruciating exams, not much sleep in last two days. I not usually like this, I'm more nastier. I think i m gonna hit the floor...

Dang!!! there...


Dhanya said...

Hey! Welcome back! :)

About the voting thing, I wouldn't tell people to NOT VOTE. Actually you can go to the polling booth and tell the officer in charge that you don't want to vote! They will then search your name in the list and mark off your name. Yes you can do that!! It's actually a voting right (code 49-0) that you have (which not many including the officers are aware of), so that other people don't take undue advantage of your not voting.

This option of 'not voting' was available when there were ballot papers... but with the introduction of EVMs this is the only thing you can do, tell the officer i.e,....

Nikholic said...

Good one bro. i have already raised my middle finger.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

hello Mr.A,
Welcome back!!! How was your exams by the way? Good Post. I was planning to do code 49-0 but since Sarath Babu, the young entrepreneur from IIM-A and the owner of Food King was a candidate in my place, I'm gonna vote 4 him. Atleast some educated guy and I also believe that he would do well.

ApocalypsE said...

@Dhanya - Its India... theres nothing more to say... :)

@Nikholic - thanks bro...

@Raji - Exams were fine. One left on 23rd... i read sarath babu's profile... man, really impressive... how's IIPM for doing MBA? any tips? :)

Velu said...

Hope your exams went well. I aagree that rahul bhaiya is an idiot. The guy is 40 plus and they call him the face of young india. Not only that, he is still supposed to be inexperienced.

Cheers for not voting, but I hope you do get that photo opportunity with your family.


Vinnie said...

Wow..what a comeback..angry young man!
all the best for next paper..

Karthik said...

Ha Ha.. BAck to Back?? :P Ensoy!! Even I'd aback to back without xams.. F**K AU made exams on AN session.. Oops.. Another F**K..

PS: Scarlett JohanSson in My to-Do List!!