Saturday, August 1, 2009

I just LOVE my TV

Me and my friends planned to go to the movies this Saturday. So we all gathered up in my place.But when we were about to start, this freaking rain started pouring like anything. All our plans got spoiled by the fulminant rain.

So we went in my room and turned on the tele. Guess what? Incredible Hulk on HBO. Come on, who would miss a movie like that? With all my friends huddled in my room, we made some popcorn and it was really a blast. If it wasn’t for Direct Tv, we would have been bored to death…

Then we were just chatting for a while. I flipped through channels and came across Four Weddings And A Funeral in Star movies. We couldn’t resist, we sat there watching it till the end. All thanks to DirecTv and DirecTv Specials for saving the day.

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