Friday, June 26, 2009

To All Anime Fans

Just yesterday I was watching Naruto Shippuuden episode 115, have to tell you guys, the series is picking up speed. For those who don’t know, Naruto is one among the top comics/series entertaining people all over the globe. Many of my friends make a mockery, when I talk about anime. There are a lot of good stuffs out there. Like Bleach, Ino Yasha, Samurai X, Captain Tsubasa, Laws of Ueki and I can just keep going on and on. I don’t even have to mention Dragon Ballz.

There’s a sweet news for all you guys out there who love anime. I came across this awesome website, Anime Chat, which allows you to register free of cost and chat with people about your favourite anime. Its total fun to share your opinion about the whats gonna happen in next episode, with people half way across globe. Login now and have fun…


Vinnie said...

yenna saar!
wokay wokay...i will check ur animals...err animes :P

DPhatsez said...

At long last! A fellow anime fan on Blogville! :)


Btw, they've successfully managed to put a huge gap between Manga and Anime arcs of Naruto.
Can't wait for Sasuke- Deidara Fight next!! :D

ApocalypsE said...

I can assure you the best one is going to be sasuke vs itachi... an uchiha against uchiha

AJ said...

Wow ... Definitely nice to see an anime fan here .. Another good one is Wolf's Rain. Seen it?