Thursday, July 2, 2009

Direct TV, the best deal

Only thing that could relax you after a day at the office is your TV. You come home after a hectic day, you watch some movie, sports or sitcoms to cool your head. I say Direct TV channels is the real deal. Direct Tv offers 265 channels and lots of package to choose from. The packages start at $29.99. There are 30 movie channels and 25 sports channel.

Movie channels include HBO, Cinemax,Showtime to Starz and lots more. You can get specially-themed movie channels like action, romance and western. If you are ardent sports fan, you can catch all NBA, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL, MLS, MLB and British soccer. You can also watch the local college football or basketball match.Here is the channel guide.

It also inlcudes HD channels with HD Movies DVR and HD services. The Family package provides 40 channels with family programs suitable for all ages. Direct Tv also has 24 hour music channels. For those who love drama and action packed channels, Direct TV provides BLACK STARZ, , Mystery, Love Stories STARZ, and UNLIMITED.

Direct TV suprises at all levels. It’s a Satellite TV and the installation of receivers is absolutely free. You don’t have to do anything, the skilled technicians will take care of it. Now you tell me, aint Direct TV is the best deal?

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