Sunday, July 12, 2009

Danzou has a sharingan!!! Stunner in Naruto Manga

After a peropd of lull, Naruto is picking up pace. Its time for some for kick-ass action and new jutsus.
Danzou has announced a meet for all five kages. He also ordered the Anbu to assasinate Sasuke. Naruto abstains from revealing any information on Sasuke. We all know the killer bee is still alive. But where is he? At the end of Manga episode 455, Danzou reveals his sharingan.
Whats gonna happen next?
How Danzou got the sharingan? Is he an Uchiha?
Did Uchiha Obito survive?
Whats gonna happen at the meet?
Who’s gonna face the powerful Madara, even The Fourth couldn’t defeat?
Stay tuned…


velusamy said...

i think its obito.. Danzo has right arm and leg in a almost crushed state, same as what happened to obito in kakashi gaiden( naruto chapter 243).. another thing which leads this to obito is he is searching for kabuto stating that he will be able to do something about his arm..

deluded said...

nah. thats just crap.

obito died, plus danzo is from the sannin generation, much older than kakashi.

waise, it was kind of obvious, as soon as I saw that eye patch, something clicked :)

Im more interested in sasuke's sharingan. it looked cooool.